Saturday, May 12, 2007

Waiting to inhale

If this wasn't so tragic for the State of Florida because of ALL the vegetation and wildlife that will be lost.........I could turn the last few weeks into a sitcom, I know FOX would buy it.

Yep we are/were affected by smoke and wind. We were going to try to get outta here Saturday........maybe Sunday but looks more like Monday.
Y'all are just getting tired of hearing about our impending departure I spose. Well pray for rain and we can get on with it. The fire fighters do not need people of the roads clogging things up. Around our area it was so bad they closed the roads cause there were so many accidents. FHP went so far as to call the Governor who said close em...that's probably what they will do to some portions of 75 North of us if in fact
they haven't done that already.
Yesterday I had to drive thru some smoke and at a distance you could see the shooting flames. Makes hurricane damage pale in comparison I do believe. Smoke has been horrific.

Guess this is the blue tarp saying a fond farewell to us. They really didn't have to go to all this trouble. Gosh I just heard on the news that there are only 220 ground fires here in the state eeeekkk!!! Only good thing is no loss of life and very few structures. But the firefighters are really having a hard time of it. Who would wanna build thousands of feet of a fire barrier in this heat and humidity. Then get the derned things just barely contained, nite time comes, the winds whip up and there they are back at it again even bigger in some places.

Stay tuna'd ... because we do have every good intention of becoming Nomads!