Saturday, May 05, 2007

The truck that draws a crowd

I am not kidding! Here is a brief explanation of our day yesterday. I will leave out all the curse words and ill feelings we had, but you will get the picture.

We drive up yesterday to pickup the RV and trailer land about 100 miles north of us. Now as a side note we ordered and PAID FOR this RV two months ago. It took two months for the blasted truck to get here...see other blogs on that subject. Anyhow, this is the grand day to couple Louie, the truck with Grace the RV. And ya know we are excited and apprehensive from the get go, it's normal.

The place we purchased the RV from is very well known and has ectremely highly rated customer service. We did our homework before purchasing this RV.

So we get there and the plan is for the service dudes to install the RV hitch in the bed of the truck. That went with out a hitch ... HAR!!! And while that was happening we were to get our meet and greet with folks we will probably never see again, and then get a walk-thru in the RV. Walk-thru meaning a thorough education on how to handle and take care of this RV, we now call Grace, that is going to take several hours. We had the very best fellow to do this, knowledgable, answered all our questions and to make it even better he is a huge drag racing fan.

So now it's 8:30 am and we are delivering Louie, the truck, to the service department dudes to do the hitch install, we pull into the bay, get out and there are at least ten service techs standing there drooling. A couple of them applauded when we got out. I thought this is one hell of a welcoming committee! NOT they were all there to see this damn truck.

Now jump to late that day. we are on our way the hundred miles home without said RV, Grace, and I ask husband to pull into the rest area so I could make a pit stop. As I am getting out of the truck I look up and here comes a Ford Explorer, the exact same color as Louie, the copper. The guy saw us on the freeway and wanted to see the truck, he is a truck nut and had read about this new engine and wanted to see it.
I ghot out of the truck and started laughing, husband had no idea what was going on. I said look honey our Louie looks like he had a baby !

So suffice to say, if in fact this happens while we are traveling, look for us in your area a few days later than originally planned...............stay tuna'd !!!

Oh and I will more than likely write about the Grace issue of yesterday, however the blood pressure needs to subside a bit.


Ilva said...

Zen doodles zen!

mooncrazy said...

Yes, Zen would be the word of the day. Hey, maybe a laugh. We always look for the funny things to remember later, it's part of our family crest.

Once you get going, this will all be just a funny story.

Are they here yet?

Doodles said...

Zen it is.......I always said our family crest was a smile ;)