Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wedded bliss

So the coupling of Grace, the RV and Louie, the truck was consumated today at 10:30 a.m. est. The happy couple were rather glistening in the morning sun, as it rained like hell last nite. But they fit together just like a PBJ sandwich.

So now we start loading and wiring, and futzin as only Norm knows how to do. Only problem that we see at this very moment is they forgot to wire the satellite hook-up for the bedroom TV. The living room was completed, but it appears the sales dope let another item slip thru the cracks. I see a letter written to him in the future. But right now we are concentrating on getting outta here.

See those Nike kinda woosh deals on the side of the RV, those are decals, and we are going to change the colors of them to coordinate a bit better. Blue is not the choice color for our taste and it would appear to make it more of a custom look. And no I have not started painting inside yet. Don't think I will untill we live in it for a year and see how it all grows on me. Y'all know Norm doesn't care as long as it's clean and comfy.

My sweet seester wrote in her blog about our impending departure headed West. And I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that we are going to be closer in miles than we have been in God knows how long. And throw in the added bonus of my brother-out-law, my sweet niece and her hunky bunky, and my Dad's wife who I love to bits and not to mention the three pups.......wonder if they realize that Cousin Buddy, the cat is included in this package. Well we just will never allow them to co-mingle.

So look for the Gypsy Caravan at an RV park near you cause ya never know where we are gonna turn up......stay tuna'd


mooncrazy said...

How long? Lil bird was two if you are counting being withing 100 miles. Five if you count being in the same state.

beekudzu said...

Bon Voyage! I will live vicariously through you and your travels.

andrea said...

What a fabulous future you have on the road ahead. I'm green with envy!