Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a location re-visited

OK I’m a tad bit disappointed, I know things change but you want them to change for the better not the worse. I went so far as to go into the Tombstone Visitors Center and give them a piece of my mind as to what they have done to this sweet little town. They were quite interested in the fact that we got married here some 37 years ago and asked a lot of questions. Think they were just appeasing me, but so what.

The nice folks in the visitors center did tell us of a lady by the name of Lorraine who had a small eatery and that was born in Tombstone. Well we went and met Lorraine and her brother Tom who own this little coffee shop kinda place. They remembered just what we both did some 37 years ago. We had the name of a certain Saloon wrong but we knew where it was. Anyhow it was good to talk with folks that agreed with our assumptions.

Miss Lorraine did say that they just recovered from Wyatt Earp Days that was held over the long Memorial Day weekend. And in the Fall is Helldorado Days. She said people come from all over the world to see the historic Tombstone.

I made the mistake of telling a friend about the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and that hunky Sam Elliot. Now I had no idea that it was rated R and her son couldn't watch it. I honestly think that it was because of the violence, may R because of the huge inaccuracies, cause there were a bunch. But it was still good.

The photos we took of Tombstone area years ago are packed away in storage so I have nothing to show you. But now it is touristy and junked up with t-shirt shops and trinkets. Sorta picture a small Key West that's dusty.

The above photo is of the Crystal Palace Saloon...which was also the Golden Eagle Brewery built in 1879. What better place for us to have a marriage reception in a former brewery. The inside of the Crystal Palace is gorgeous with it's heavy mahogony wood bar and back bar that runs the whole.

It was nice to go back it really was. We are headed to Lake Havasu city to get a big ass fuel tank attached to Big Ass Louie.....stay tuna'd


Cottage Kid said...

Sorry you were disappointed!
I remember seeing that very building. Do you have plans to visit the Brown's in Sierra Vista?

Anonymous said...

T-shorts and trinkets! Don't ya just hate it?!

A few years ago, I finally had a chance to visit Gatlinburg,TN. I was so excited at the prospect and decidedly underwhelmed at the reality. T-shirts and trinkets there, too. Lots of 'em. All nestled in the beauty of the Smoky Mountains.