Friday, May 25, 2007

simple observations

First off - very special Birthday wishes to my beautiful Niece.
We will certainly celebrate when we are all together...........

Happy Birthday

My Sweet lil bird!!!

It’s interesting traveling the highways of the US…you notice funny things like the cleanliness of rest areas. So far Mississippi gets the highest grade. The MS rest area was also an information center, built to look like an old southern mansion. Had very friendly folks inside handing out cold drinks, if wanted, and in return they wanted to know how many in you group and where you are from. That stumped me cause I didn’t know what to tell them, for the time being I’ll say Florida.

Cruising down the highways you become aware of drivers and the lack of courtesy. I’m talking about 4 wheelers now. Drivers seem to have an oblivious attitude to anyone else on the road and of course many of them are talking on their damn cell phones going 80 mph while entering the highway…amazing. So do me a favor next time you see an 18 wheeler or a truck pulling a fifth wheel trailer be more aware and get your ass over and make room.

Oh one more thing there seems to be a big push in the states that we have gone thru on seatbelt safety….click OR ticket they are say. Please don’t tell me you drive without your seatbelt buckled up…stay tuna’d

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mooncrazy said...

Yes, I can't imagine the need for a big, expensive media campaign this seat belts. Who the hell does't use them?