Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Now having said that I have just returned from my vacation with my sister……poop.

We did get to do quite a lot and some things we didn’t wanna do like toddle off to the emergency room at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage which to those who do not know is in the desert near Palm Springs Ca. No we were not looking for Mel Gibson or Robin Williams, however that certainly could have been a bonus. No we were getting my knee tended to, scroll on down a bit where I wrote about my clumsy fall.
Well we got that outta the way so we could have a nice visit with Grandma Mary and little bird. And the visit was great as well as the food we got to eat. We enjoyed one place sooo much we went back for a second time. The four of us were able to squeeze in some shopping BUT the best part was we went to the spa. Four of us all set for one of those yummy massages – well being a bit tattered in the left knee I opted out of the massage (crap) but I got a nice facial. Think we went to brunch and then for a much needed nap. The four of us do that so well – my excuse is gotta get off that knee.
Drove back to L A to spend the nite and little birds and her hunky bunky cause the next a.m. we headed off to the
Getty Villa. Let me say this, if you go to Los Angeles or live nearby for a day trip, get your self to the Villa. It is spectacular! I put in the link so please check it out. Oh yeah the food in their restaurant is equally spectacular! Wander over to PBE cause we did find a need to post about a delicious dessert we shared. See it’s always about food.
Sister has a terrific grill on her patio and a few nites we were able to sit out while grilling and laugh. Which we do as much as eat – we laugh a lot. Guess that is what I miss the most cause it just ain’t the same laughing on the phone. But I miss that sister, in fact I missed her the minute she pulled away from the curb after dropping me off at the airport at 5 a.m.

OK there is a lot more to share but I didn’t wanna drone on. Remind me to tell you about my trip to the orthopedic dude here in Florida, the magnificent farmers markets sister and I had the pleasure of visiting and also my “Mustang flashback”………..stay tuna’d………………………….

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