Thursday, September 21, 2006

You really do learn something new everyday!!!

I did today. I called my Aunt in Indiana this a.m. cause I hadn't spoken
with her in a few days. She used to email periodically but since her husband,
my uncle, passed away last spring I don't think she much into the computer. I couldn't believe an 80 year old was emailing but she did and for that I and my sister and I'm sure her children were quite happy.

So we are on the phone this a.m. and checking to see how the
rest of the loony relatives are. We have a male cousin who we
are quite fond of as is our Aunt. Cousin was over last nite to replace
some light bulbs in a ceiling fixture.
Aunt goes on to explain it seems they burn out quite often and she
was wondering why. Cousin told her to get on the internet and find out.
She did and she found this.

Read the very last paragraph................boy who woulda thought!

I am amazed that Aunt found it #1 and #2 that proves you can google just about anything.


tiedye said...

This just may be the most helpful link I've clicked on in oh......two or three years at LEAST!!! I can't wait to check out all my sockets tomorrow.

Tanks gal!

doodles said...

I know this woman, who is also my godmother, is an absolute riot. Aunt is 80 years old and gets on the computer. That alone is special. Don't thank me - she was the one to pass on the info.....but you are welcome!