Friday, September 15, 2006

History could repeat itself

and not always in a good way.

Senator Daryl Jones is an OK guy but he and I and his aide at the time he was Senator had a disagreement that almost came to blows. His aide was gonna punch me out big time, OUCH!!!

At the time I was the campaign manager for a county wide politician and we (the candidate) were running for our second term. This candidate was very popular with the constituents but did have a few opponents that would like to bury him. Politics is ugly no matter where you go local or national.

Senator Jones was up for re-election at the same time.All candidates running in the election would often be thrown together for debates, Q & A's, meet and greets, etc. so as to save time and $$$. During one of these Q & A's I overheard the good Senator consulting with his campaign person about an issue that was important to our (my candidates) impending race. The advice she was giving the good Senator was wrong and a damn lie. So being the good person that I am I pulled the person aside after the event was completed and let her know about it. She was about to scratch my eyes out when my candidate appeared on the scene. Let's just say my parting words were "you will never get elected in this county again, end of discussion".

And they didn't!!! She, the campaign advisor, ran for public office and lost as did the good Senator.

So let's hope that Senator Jones, who is now a running mate to the candidate running for Governor of Florida, let us just hope Mr. Jones has some better advisors. Cause personally he is a great guy!

This is definitely a...........stay tuna'd

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