Friday, September 08, 2006

Now what was I supposed to tell you about……………………

Oh yeah the Orthopedic Dr visit I had. It seems because I was not completely off my feet after my clumsy fall I still have a bit of edema (swelling) and also a bit of a blood clot. But before you go and start scolding me, it is not life threatening OK! Just rest it for a bit more and this too shall pass. It will take awhile for ALL of the swelling to go down. Probably by Christmas I should be able to wear my dancing shoes. And by the way I took husband with me so I would have a witness to what the good bone Dr said.

OK that’s outta the way and knowing there will be no residual effects is a good thing.

Now the “Mustang flashback”! Sister has this Mustang – drop dead gorgeous car huh!!! They gave it to “little bird” my niece for her birthday this year……nice parents I say. Well this jewel of a mustang had not found its way to nieces garage yet whilst I was visiting so I had the opportunity to drive this sweet thang one day. Sister was off doing her docent work and I wanted to go do a little shopping. My sweet brother-in-law told me I could drive the Mustang….whooooo haaaaw!!! I sure didn’t wanna drive the 37 Chevy Sedan or the 50 something Chevy truck. So here I am greased up to the hilt with sunscreen cause the top is down. I get in, back it out of the garage drive down their street and get the strangest feeling. Ignoring it I motor over to the local Target because I know they have L A Dodger t-shirts and I needed to get a couple. I pull in to a parking space and two guys are getting into their big ass SUV and look at that pretty red Mustang and say “would you take us to lunch in your fancy car”. Hahahahahaha I politely declined. Coming out of Target get back in the car and drive over to their new mall in town. Quite nice by the way. On the way to the mall I realized the strange feeling I was getting and why…………once upon a time I had a 67 mustang – not nearly as nice as this sweet red one but it was mine and my first very own car. Two months after I purchased that car some dumb ass hit me head on and ruined my sweet little mustang and nearly ruined me too. So getting in the red Mustang with the same steering wheel brought back strange memories. It’s funny what makes you remember things.

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Cottage Kid said...

WOW! Glad to hear that the leg is getting better.
Seeing that pic brings back memories to me too.We had a 67Mustang, Nantucket blue hardtop it was a beauty.Had it long enough to bring two babies home from the hospital.Husband drove it till the floor rotted out(darn Fords),
Stay well!
Till next time...
Cottage Kid