Monday, September 25, 2006

It was the cookies..................

As mentioned in a previous post, For Sale, our Real Estate agent held
an open house on Sunday. Thanks for the feedback and good thoughts
cause it might just be working.

Four interested parties, two of the four need to sell their home,
so that would mean a contingency contract and we don't do those.
It would take our home off the market and in light of such a crummy
market for real estate right now that just is an option.
Another is just in the beginning of looking and have yet to get their
ducks in a row in terms of pre qualifying, but that should be done in
the next couple of weeks, there lies a possiblity.
The last interested party was a mom looking for her son. He is
being transferred to this area. There again she just started l
ooking so she has no idea what's available but she loved the house.

Bottom line is the agent that we have is aggressive,
thinks outside the "box", and works hard. This is the first positive
sign we have seen in this dismal market

And let me say a special thanks to Laura Rebecca for the advice
and "little bird" for the reminder. I do think it was my delicious
oatmeal cookies...................stay tuna'd!


Cottage Kid said...

WooHoo! Great to hear the possibilities. Next time do your apple dumplings and the deal will be closed.I still have you guys at the top of my prayer list and I know Doug is pulling for too.
Good Luck!
Till next time...
Cottage Kid

tiedye said...

I would've said Forgit the house, how much for the gal what baked dem cookies??? It's gonna sell soon, I feel it I feel it I feel it.

Comin' this way soon still?