Thursday, September 28, 2006

From wikipedia*……………blog = noun

a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user.Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.
an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log Weblog; also called blog.

Many blog for their own personal enjoyment. Some blog for practice to improve their web development skills. Many blog to rant, it’s OK to rant, no condemnation from me here. Others use their blog as a journal or a scrapbook of sorts to keep family and friends current.

I blog because it is FUN!!! And it keeps me off the streets and outta the bars….shrugging ones shoulders.
It was because my niece “little bird” had a blog
And then my sister started her blog
Not one to be left behind in the techno community, god forbid, I jumped on the very crowded blog bandwagon. And if you blog then you know how crowded it is in the blogsphere world.
I started my personal blog on October 2005
And because “little bird”, sister moon and I thought the world need ANOTHER blog we started a food blog. Penut Butter Etouffee. More about that in a minute.

Now the food blogging community is worth knowing, . They range from how to make a grilled cheese sandwich to some of the finest chefs in the world. And some of the most passionate, wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Well not meeting cause we haven’t actually met, but you know what I’m saying. I bet if you googled your favorite chef he or she has a blog also known as a web site. I digress.

I have a passion for cookbooks, always have, and long before blogs were popular. I would read my favorite cookbook like most would read a novel. I know I have well over 100 cookbooks. Husband just thinks I have the booksthat are on my bookshelf. Think he forgot about all the ones I have in storage. I don’t know if there is such a group as recipes anonymous, but if there is, I should be the president or at least a card-carrying member in good standing.

Until a few months ago the hundreds of recipes were spread around my house in various forms. Like most other recipe junkies I have gone to websites, seen recipes that I liked, printed them out. Also I have saved many tear outs from magazines and stuffed them in a file box. You get the picture it was a mess. I had to clean off my hardrive just recently and discovered I had way too many recipes on there as well. One cannot have a passion for cookbooks and recipes in general and be a slob about it. So I decided to clean up my act, organize those files. I will tell y’all how to go about doing that another time. Just know that there is hope for cookbook recipe junkies.

In the coming months I am going to introduce you to a different food blogger as well as supply you with some useful information. Let me say the food blogging community is a wonderful supportive group, and they provide great inspiration, advice, ideas and motivation. This is a community growing by leaps and bounds. Also if you do visit and like the blog or the recipe or the beautiful photo that may accompany the blog, let the blogger know. They love the feedback.

Let me start off with our own food blog Peanut Butter Etouffee Three of us contribute when we can. It is a mixture of cooking, food reviews, and other things we think are important. So check it out.

Aspiring chefs or just wannabe chefs write many of the food blogs. But this next blogger is not one of those folks at all. She is a working gal that likes to cook when she comes home.
Check out Annie’s food blog for some great tips, recipes and food for thought

Thanks for visiting and for more on the subject at hand…………………stay tuna’d!

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