Monday, March 16, 2009

Where the heck are ya now

a friends called last nite and asked that question. I guess I forgot to mention when we got cut from the baseball deal we took a fill in position at an RV park in Wilcox, AZ.

This place is not fancy what so ever but quite nice none the less. I got an email from the owner wondering when we could get here to help him out as the back up workers just up and left. Heck we had the time why not.................. they have

a indoor heated pool and
a workout room

We were coming to this area anyway cause there is a very large bull auction this week. I know a bull we have no intention of investing in any bulls..........but let me say bull investment would be better than any investment in the stock market right now.

Anyway we are gonna be in Wilcox for about six weeks working four hours each three days a week,can't beat that cause they also pay our rent, electric, use of laundry.

Glad I have my beads to work on, lots of books to read plus we were here awhile back at want to go back to Chiricahua National Monument, it is one of my favorite places to take photos, go for hikes, take a picnic lunch.

So that's where we are and that's what we are gonna be doing..................stay tuna'd for some pics...........and Oh I did post a photo over on Images.............hoping that's the first of many to follow.

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Moon said...

Have fun at the bull auction, looking forward to those pix.