Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stumbled into a Pow Wow

Leaving the Phoenix area we decided to take to the scenic route thru some mountainous two lane roads. We see on the map there is a casino about 80 miles away, not very far but where there is a casino there is usually a place to park your RV. Jump on line sure enough Apache Gold Casino does have an RV park and with our luck they will be holding their 13th Annual Intertribal Pow Wow. Pull in to the park get all hooked up everything works great, we keep the truck hooked up cause we don't need wheels, walk to the casino which is what we did. While I find a slot machine that was going to pay me $$$ Mr Doodles does a walkabout and finds out about the Pow Wow. Took my winnings, yes I said winnings and wandered over to the Pow Wow not knowing what to expect.

Now here I am with my teeny point and shoot camera stuck in my back pocket knowing that camera's are not allowed in a casino. So any of the few photos I did take were not that great.

Talk about bead work.............good god the work invested in these beautiful pieces is just unreal. I'll share with you later a very interesting chat with a young man that entered some of the dancing events. I'll tease you with a photo and write more later on the event............stay tuna'd!!!

BTW.......we are hanging out in Wilcox AZ for a few weeks till the weather gets better in Colorado..............there's a bull auction in a few days.

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Moon said...

you are the luckiest gambler I know.