Friday, March 13, 2009

A very nice day

what a fun day........oh my oh so sweet husband treated me to a wonderful cup of tea upon waking. Then he informed me I could do whatever I wanted to do..........oh baby!!!

Off we went, after showering, for breakfast at a local joint that serves just breakfast, home cooked style you know those crispy hash browns, good fresh eggs and fresh squeezed OJ from local oranges.

So we rolled outta there so Mr Doodles wanted to find a place to pressure wash the truck so he could test the new windshield we had installed. Got that done in record time and NO leaks.

Went to pick up our checks at the ball stadium........more about that later, after leaving the stadium Mr took a different route to get to the freeway and on said route I noticed a bead shop.............OH MY GOD!!! I am almost glad that I did not find this place a few weeks ago somewhat pricey but the selection was to die for..........I wanted some copper findings................. they had them and I picked up just a couple more strands of different items and I was outta there...........whew that could have been $$$.

Off again my driver asks where to now? Ya see it's my birthday and I could do whatever I huh!!! We needed a few things at Costco so that was next on the agenda..........Mr is always happy to go to Costco cause of all the samples and this day I think he sampled them all even the smoothies they were making.

Off to WalMart for Buddy's thyroid prescription, the bank, and fuel for the truck. By this time we have worked up a bit of an appetite, time for a late lunch, early dinner. I have been wanting to try this place in town called Pete's Fish and Chips which has been around since 1947 and had great reviews. Now, when I think of fish & chips my mind immediately goes to this fantastic place in Mr Doodles home town that serves only fish & chips. Well Pete's cannot hold a candle to the place in Canada that we love so much, but it was pretty good.

Satisfied our hunger once stop the book store to re-stock our supply. After two and a half hours and loaded up with a few new books and a couple a magazines Mr needed we're out the door.

I'm ready to head toward home when we drive by a nice little strip mall that has many of my favorite stores and a Petco for Buddy...........well for Mr Doodles cause in he goes to replenish Buddy's food while I go off to replensih my closet.

Happy Birthday to me...........I got a new pair or sandals, pair of white jeans, couple a tops and Buddy got a new toy............wait his birthday isn't till matter.

Came home to kick back but our sweet neighbors wanted us to join them for cocktails and snacks plus she was so sweet she even made me a carrot cake for my birthday.

OK now I'm really ready to put on my jammies.

Oh prior to heading out for the day I stopped to get my mail and was quite surprised with special gifts and a few special phone calls............see why I said what a great day..............thanks y'all!!!

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Moon said...

Glad your BD was so much fun. Wish we could have been there, too.

Now on to your next adventure.