Friday, March 06, 2009

It took my dear sweet niece

to make the AIG debacle clear to me, oh my God it is now clear, very clear. Mr Obama I wonder if you are watching and/or listening?

Go read my nieces blog on the subject.............let me say if you are offended by the F word don't read her blog on this subject. But dear niece has hit the nail on the proverbial head.

yep a photo is worth many, many words...............Manny unless you tell us you are going to do something worthwhile with that $$ just ain't worth it SORRY!!!


Bee said...

I thank her for the explanation and I love the way she said. I couldn't agree more. And only the F word covers such a stupid situation!

maltese parakeet said...

glad you liked the rant. sorry about all the f-bombs! ;) it's just so frustrating!!!

Doodles said...

you know as well as I do the F deal don't bother me one effin bit ;)