Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well done CNN

Bye, bye, bye Chris Dodd. Mr Dodd your political career appears to be over. Leave the U S Senate go back to Connecticut and run for Governor. I have a political friend in Connecticut that is just sitting there rubbing his hands together so as to run someone against you.

Got an email from friend and I wish I could share it with you, however most of the words are expletives that even my Mother would be shocked at reading.

I met Mr Dodd many, many years see I was at the Capital in Hartford, I had a meeting I could absolutely not be late for. Exiting the elevator, rounding the corner with lotsa paper in my arms I ran into a man and literally knocked him on his lying on the floor was Mr Dodd, newly elected Senator from CT to the US Senate. Ooooooops sorry sir, I leaned down to help him up, no handlers with him then, he said no problem.........."well aren't you a pretty thing"! Right then I disliked him then I discovered he was about to attend the same meeting I was. Reason bringing his US Senate experience to a state senate caucus. What an arrogant SOB. Oh and he did not help me pick up my papers another lady stopped to help.

CNN was doing a lot of digging around about AIG and who did what when I said to Mr Doodles they should go ask Chris Dodd oddly enough they did and he denied the question they asked, right then I said that is the guiltiest look I have ever seen, next day he recanted his story and admitted guilt..............HA!!!

Like I said bye, bye Mr Dodd...................stay tuna'd

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