Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have a question

maybe it's more curiosity. Most of us that have a blog have a statistical counter that tracks visitors. Mine is located in the left hand column bout a third of the way down the page. Believe when I say the counter it is not a way of spying and I cannot contact you when you visit, well unless you leave a comment or leave your email address in the comment box.

That leads me to the question you visit blogs and lurk? or do you take time to leave a comment? I see the same visitors that come to my blog everyday and sometimes more............without a comment.............makes one wonder.

Bloggers love visitors, guess that's why we blog, but they also love feedback..........and it can be one word or an epistle. Do you not leave a comment because you don't know how. I can understand times it can be confusing.

I will blog whether I get comments or not I was just curious.


Bee said...

I know what you mean. I love to get comments on mine.

Most of the time, I try to leave a comment. When I don't, it's because I just can't think of anything to say.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of the "lurkers". I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures as you travel about. From now on, I will leave something, maybe just my name so you will know I've been here.
I've started a blog too... your sis got me into it. Please stop by sometime. I'm on a link at your sis' blog - can't remember my name but it's something like kitchen sink of ??? duh!
I'm Kathleen

Grandma Poppi said...

I'm a lurker also. Believe I have made a comment now and then. Love PBE and both you and Moon's other blogs. Good stories that are such fun to read. Sometimes you inspire me to write great things - maybe someday I will!