Friday, March 20, 2009

Not what we thought

The bull auction we went to was not at all what we thought but it did have a lot of cos, heifers and a few bulls. The bulls were for breeding not for the 8 second ride kinda bull.

Seems when we walked in we stood out like a sore thumb, some very nice folks, local ranchers, were quite receptive in filling us in on the lingo and what was going on.............seems cattle auctions have a vocabulary all their own. Oh and those cute little cows ain't cheap folks, at least not to us. But the locals were telling us about how the economy has affected them as well.

In case you are interested in the difference between a rancher and a farmer after a lot of questions and talking to both my answer would be farmers work in the dirt, whereas ranchers dress up all sexy and ride around on horses, oh and where those sexy chaps.

A burning question I bet you have always wanted to know............How long does it take for the pregnancy of a cow?

279 - 290 days. There are slight breed differences. 279 for Holsteins (the black and white milk cows most people are familiar with).

It's pretty much the same as humans.........................tada now you know.............stay tuna'd for more fun facts.

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That was fun!