Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Buddy and beading

So I'm sitting at my table laying out the beads for the next necklace I am about to make. I had already measured and cut the beading wire, got up to get some ice tea, return to table to continue my bead work.

I finally decide which beads to use, look for the beading wire, which really isn't wire at all I was using a very bendable something like fishing line. Well it was gone..........then I hear Buddy sounding like he was getting sick, you know that sound. I look and there is my string sticking out of the damn cats mouth. He is gagging, I am wrestling with him trying to get the string out of his mouth and for some reason he is fighting me WTH!!! I have the scratches on my hands and arms to prove this little tussle.

Well I finally get my fingers around the string and pull hard enough for the little creep to open his mouth and out comes the string..............thank heavens. I wait for Mr Doodles to come home so I can pry open his mouth to see if any damage was done to his throat...............didn't see any thank heavens

I think the ordeal really upset the poor little guy cause he went and got on the couch to rest his weary self. Now I on the other hand put away my beading supplies, I just lost interest..........go figure.

I'll get the necklace done soon and post a photo so stay tuna'd..................


Bee said...

Poor Buddy. I bet he was trying to make something special for somebody tomorrow and it all went awry.

Now Gracie, on the other hand will eat anyting not nailed down. ANYTHING. So I hear that same sound way more than I would like to.

Can't wait to see the necklace.

Moon said...

Why would he eat that?! What a nosey cat.

Doodles said...

what's the saying?????? "curiosity killed the cat.......he is just evil

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Hmmm~ that story is a litle hard to swallow