Friday, August 31, 2007

What to do while Grace is receiving maintenance

Well let me tell you there certainly is a lot to do in the Elkhart area.

As I mentioned we did stumble onto the Amish Acres in Napanee, Indiana. It is a lovely spot however it is not truly Amish or Amish run. They do take care of the restaurant barn where the food is served. Good heavens there certainly is a lot of food served. All grown locally by the Amish. Fresh that is what I am trying to say. WOW!!!

We also wandered up to Elkhart about 20 some miles north where there is a load of RV surplus stores. Actually it's a junk yard for RV's. Anything you need they have it. We were not to shot with their prices. So it is the kind of place you must know what you are looking for and the cost.

Then there was the RV Museum up the road a ways. I know a lot of friends would enjoy this stop.

I was quite disappointed when I found out that this Farmers Market would not be open till Thursday. Hopefully we won't still be here. But can you just not see the corn, peaches, blueberries and such just waiting to be plucked up by shoppers.

ETA=edited to add We unfortunately were held over for one more day and I did have the opportunity to attend the Farmers Market, by myself for three wonderful hours. WOW!!!!!!! while Mr Doodles hung out with the maintenance dudes

This building is copied after the Farmers Market at St Jacobs, in Kitchner, Ontario, Canada. Friends in Canada will recognize that. They people of St Jacobs attended the Grand Opening of this Market I believe it was in May. Also the folks of St Jacobs had a lot of input into the way this building was done. They were able to pass along the mistakes that they made and improve upon what they built. I might also mention this is a post and beam building built by four Amish families. Granted it is post and beam with local building ordinances. It is an absolutely gorgeous three story building.

I also find it sad to think that since we are coming into the month of September and no more corn. We have had our fair share of fresh corn I'll miss that along with the blueberries for making our smoothies. Sure have been spoiled with all of the fresh veggies and fruits.

I have posted some pics over at my flickr site

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We are on our way to Indianapolis so stay tuna'd...............

Monday, August 27, 2007

So here we are

in Northern Indiana which is Amish country. What wonderful restaurants and craft shops to visit.

We are here for RV maintenance but also to enjoy the area since we will be here for a couple of days at least. Needless to say Mr Doodles will want to visit the many, many RV surplus stores that are around. After all this is the RV manufacturing capital.
AND get this, we will be able to go thru a factory tour of the company that made our RV, Grace. I'll get even and be able to go to many of the above mentioned craft shops.

Seeing the Amish horse and buggies traveling down the roads mixed in with cars, 18 wheelers is an interesting photo and yes I'll get some for sure.

Had a great visit, albeit short, with my Aunt. We got to catch up on all the family news, eat and even shop. Went to a shoe store and the first thing Mr Doodles said was "you don't have room for any more shoes ya know"!!! He must be kidding right.

I must also mention that sister and husband are having a fine time camping as well.
Go check out her blog on the latest trip.

I'll be back later with some photo's.............stay tuna'd

PS.........yes seester I got some Sechler pickles.....want some?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Leaving flood ravaged Ohio

and headed for Indiana. Thankfully we were not in the flooded area. I fear for those people that are because more rain is headed their way. This country is having some pretty crappy weather to say the least.

Fifteen years ago tomorrow was Hurricane Andrew, seems hard to believe. At that time Andrew was a horrible storm look what we have encountered since then WHEW!!!

While in Indiana we are going to visit my Aunt who is also my God Momma.
Did anyone else know that Indiana was Lincoln's boyhood home???

I interrupt this message to say we are having some electrical problems. Had to leave the WalMart near my Aunt's home to find a RV park where we could hook up to shore power. Mr Doodles is troubleshooting the problem while on the phone with the company tech dude. Needless to say we are not happy campers at the moment, but this too will pass.

I don't think this country lacks for the growing of corn. I am telling ya it is everywhere you look. This country knows how to grow corn. From Montana up north into Canada down into Pennsylvania and here in the heartland. Come to think of it I never saw a corn field in Texas.

Any small town in rural America

I have posted some photos over on my flickr site

Stay tuna'd for updates on the electrical problems...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I am going to start leaving an email address for y'all who do not want to register and send a message.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some photos of the gathering of

our dear Canadian friends. Mr & Mrs Nutz had a gathering out at their campground where we parked our RV for the duration of our visit. I must also say I had no idea that we knew that many folks up in that neck of the woods. But it was wonderful to see everyone. I guess it turned out to be 30 some folk show up for some yummy BBQ of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, coleslaw, salads and best of all fresh pick corn on the cob. Might I add some of the best corn we have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

That's Chef Tony doing BBQ'in duty and he did a wonderful job. The weather cooperated and it was a loverly evening.

That's Miss Beverly J being cute taking a pic of me while I am doing the same. We hope to see her and her sweet husband out on the RV road soon.

Needless to say it was a wonderful evening, a special thanks to Mr & Mrs Nutz for their wonderful hospitality. Oh and stay tuna'd cause the Nutz and the Doodles crew are meeting up in Vegas mid October.........WOO HAA!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A new addition to Grace

After a mid morning send off, the Doodles crew left Cambridge Ontario, Canada in fine style. Mr & Mrs Nutz were good enough to interrupt their busy day to send us off. One of the things that was accomplished while visiting was a box to house our generator. It is no longer stuck in the rear of the truck, but has a fine home in this spiffy diamond plate aluminum box.

I love this photo cause it shows great minds think alike in their In & Out Burger race t-shirts. For those of you that are not familiar with In & Out it happens to be one of the best burger joints in the West.
The boys dressed up for the part Mr & Mrs Nutz thru for us on Friday nite.

The boys worked hard, especially Mr D to create this fine specimen. I still think Mr D should market this produc

The above photo is Mr Doodles and Mr D doing some measuring.

Their it is secured to the rear of the RV, from l to r Mr Nutz, Mr D and Mr Doodles.

Let me say they did a fine job all three of them. And I am forever grateful to Mr D for tackling this project, cause if he didn't make this box I would have had to hear about it the rest of the trip. Mission accomplished I say.

We are in Reading, PA for a NHRA Drag stay tuna'd for some photos.

Monday, August 13, 2007

getting outta here

Cause we have had waaaaay too much fun with Mr & Mrs Nutz and friends. Mr Doodles and I are leaving for Stateside either Tuesday or Wednesday. That is when I will be able to post more AND pics as well.

Oh and Buddy has truly enjoyed his visit, he has been a very well behaved cat, for that we are greatful.

Stay tuna'd

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where do I begin...........

10,818.............that is what is reading on the speedometer.

We left Florida in our rear view mirror on May 17th and we still have tread on the tires........amazing.

Well I shall begin when we entered Canada in the Province of Manitoba.....let me say that area is now awarded the Mr. Doodles award for the worst roads traveled. No more said just bad, bad bad.

After a very long day, our first stop was in the Lake of the Woods area in a little Village called Kenora. We stayed there a couple of nites and enjoyed the area albeit quite hot. The locals are not too keen on this global warming thing going on. They too are in desperate need of rain.

The lake the campground is on has an interesting twist during the winter. It seems that the lake freezes solid and turns into a freeway. Visitors from the States drive across the lake to hunt and/or ice fish. While speaking to a local he was saying the lake turns into a six lane freeway.
Now imagine this, they don't have to go thru customs. Does Homeland Security know about this?!?! bet not.

Spent the next nite in a town called Thunder Bay, just an overnite, then on to Batchawana, Pancake Bay at the top end of Lake Superior. What a wonderful area. And happy to say we spent three nites at this lovely spot.

Left there and toddled off to Perry Sound and spent another two nites to prepare us for our ten day visit with Mr & Mrs Nutz.

And that is where we are now. Did y'all think we got lost - Naw!!! Just having waaaay too much fun. Having a rather large get together on Friday nite with friends. Good thing cause I can see a Corona hangover coming from that event.

Depart Canada on Tuesday to head back into the US of A. We will attend another drag race and meet up with our racing friends mid August and then off to parts unknown. Well I shouldn't say that we really do have an idea of where we are going but not exactly when. And once I get to an area that I can post some snaps I will I promise.

So stay tuna'd.........

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

back in the land of civilization

Well at least we are in an area where we have cell service as well as is good!!!

Lot's has been going on since last I posted. We have been in some fairly remote areas of mid Canada. Many photos to post. Lake Superior is huge and even warm enough to swim in and for a citizen of the USA that is saying something. Met some really nice folks while ambling our way to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Let's see one of the best things that happened is sister and her husband bought a fifth wheel trailer. Can you believe it?!?!!! They found a very well cared for unit and with husbands handy skills they are going to have so much fun in this new toy. Now RV'in is not new to them so they are really gonna have fun in this new find. Can't wait to spend more time with them RV'in.

I was also happy to hear that niece and her husband got to take some time away from their busy jobs....yeah you two.

Also a friend in Northern California has a daughter that has been admitted to the hospital with an unknown illness. Sending good thoughts her way.

My friend Beezer is getting ready to send her daughter off to college and I know she must be feeling sad and happy emotions.

Must go find out how my friend's daughters adoption is going. I know how anxious they are.

And I know that kimmy and tie are busy momma's getting their kids for back to school and probably practicing a happy dance. I have been bad about sending postcards cause of the locations we were in, well and I wasn't good about being prepared with stamps, but I'll try to get back on track soon.

Oh and my very dear friend in Dallas is moving to Hotlanta.......yeah for her cause I think she said on the voice mail she sold her house.

OK that's it for now......stay tuna'd!

The vagabonds are moving onward

So we did leave, as previously mentioned, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Wednesday a.m. and not at an un-godly hour either. Mr and Mrs Nutz sent us off in fine fashion and we will be happy to meet up with those two in Vegas the latter part of October. We have a loosely planned agenda that will be tweaked at a later date. I must also say that Mr N is the sweet brother I never had and if I had to have another sister it sure would be Mrs N.

Now below is a photo of the diamond plate aluminum box that was CREATED by those three handsome boys. This spiffy lookin box now houses our generator for the RV. We don't always need a generator, but when we do this addition sure is damn convenient. Now don't be offended but this is my very own personal vibrator.
And NO it has yet to fall off the back of the trailer. That is a good thing!!!

stay tuna'd for more late breaking news.

ps.............keep good thoughts for all our friends in the path of the impending hurricane Dean. I am glad we are not there but do worry bout our friends.