Wednesday, January 21, 2009

this isn't Buddy..............

the above photo is from lolcats one of my all time favorite sites

but ya spose this is what he says in the look he gives us quite often. Maybe he wants it to go with his chips.One morning I came out of the bedroom to see Buddy on the table next to him the bag of chips and in his paw a chip he was licking the salt off of.
Maybe he wants a drink to go with his chips...........yes folks this whacked out cat eats potato chips. I honestly believe that it's the salt on the chips that he enjoys. So maybe I should rim his bowl with salt and pour in a margarita. I have asked Mr Doodles to not give the elderly Buddy anymore human food knowing it is not good for his digestive system..........but sometimes the man just cannot resist the sad eyes of a very sweet old cat.

Mr Doodles took this photo of Buddy a couple a nites ago and
I just love this shot of the cat eyes


Bee said...

Great picture of a purdy cat! Every time I take a picture of a cat, their eyes go all weird.

I don't blame Mr. Doodles. I don't think I could resist them either.

Moon said...

oh, I like Buddy's new portrait. He should have one just like the new prez.

Doodles said...

he is rather regal looking in that photo with his graying whiskers.