Monday, January 19, 2009

I love quotes

funny quotes, from famous people............I don't care I just like reading quotes, so does my dear friend Miss B............she comes up with a lot of very good and poignant quotes.

My home page is igoogle and I arranged to have cute photos of sweet kitties and puppies so when my page opens I get to see those photos and it makes me smile. Use to be home pages were supposed to be of news alerts and such, nope not mine any more I want a smile or a chuckle when I turn on my computer.

I also have on my home page quotes of the day..............this was on my page when I opened it up yesterday.

Confucius Say
A smile is like tight underwear ... it makes your cheeks go up.


Bee said...

Miss B loves this one!

Moon said...

well, that made my cheeks go up, too!