Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conversation during lunch

Some of you know that our dear Mr Doodles is a man of few words not a big conversationalist but when he does speak you listen.

So we go off today to run some errands. I must explain first off we are in California but only six miles to Parker Arizona which is where we must go for anything.

How long we been here folks two weeks or there abouts, well today we discover that when one drives into Arizona the times advances one hour. How did we discover this you may ask...................well we were going to see a movie, the movie started at one p.m., we arrive a few minutes before, go to the box office to obtain our tickets and the very sweet young lady said "do you realize the movie started about an hour ago ~grin ~ you folks from California must remember to set your clocks on Arizona time". Who knew DUH!!! we felt like the biggest dorks I swear.

Well anyway decided to go have lunch instead. We found a great tiny little Mexican restaurant, hopefully given the local time they were still serving lunch. Well after a trip to Ace hardware for a much needed piece of whatever that Mr Doodles needed we wander over to the local joint, still serving lunch YES!!!!!!!!!!

You must be wondering about the conversation aren't ya.........I'm getting to it honest........we order, wait person brings some salsa red and green, green is a lot like Cielito Lindo's guacamole................yummm if you've ever been there you will be salivating about now.

OK Mr D says "ya know when we get to Phoenix (hint) I'm gonna get a gold panning kit and go up to the mountains bring back some I sit there with my mouth gaping open.............he do know gold has hit $800 an ounce. Why are you laughing........I'm serious." And ya know what folks he is serious I think. This has to be the most bizarre thing that has ever come out of this guys mouth...............I love ya Mr Doodles I truly do.

So as I have been known to say................stay tuna'd.

ps................please know I had trouble typing this because of much laughter still after reviewing the conversation............pray for me folks and don't ask me what time it is OK

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Bee said...

When he strikes gold and makes you filthy rich, then you can buy lots of clocks and watches and set them for all of the time zones!

Phoenix, huh?