Thursday, January 08, 2009

From hectic to total quiet

Wow what a change a week makes. Y'all know we did the Christmas tree lot managing deal right?!!! Then went directly to the desert of Rancho Mirage for Christmas with my wonderful family.................a wonderful relaxing New Years with Gramma M, her dear sister and brother-in-law.

New Years day we hooked up and drove a few hours to Parker, AZ. Actually we are in Big River, California. The RV park is on the Colorado River with not that many folks here, well at least it's not full. Friends from Colorado are joining us soon, not too soon cause we are still catching up on our sleep and being quite lazy.

This sure is a great spot to accomplish that cause it is really quiet here. Understand this is more of a summer hot spot................given the temps of 100 plus and not really a winter vacation spot, not a lot of boating on the river this time of year, or jet skis or even fishing. Mr Doodles won't be fishing because the non-resident cost for a license is astronomical even for a short time.

Many day trips will be available from this location so I'll try to keep y'all up to date with photos. And I must apologize for the lack of photos........yes I must get back to it now.

So stay tuna'd............cause fun things are on the way!!!


Bee said...

don't you think that most summer vacation hot spots are a lot nicer off-season? We're so close to Myrtle Beach but never go there in the summer.

Y'all rest up. I'm still waiting to see what's in store for y'all!

Moon said...

Fishing I don't care about but a nice lazy boat ride on the river would be nice.

Doodles said...

still a bit cool to cruise down the river but maybe next month