Thursday, January 08, 2009

No spoons required

OK where have I been??? I just saw this photo in a magazine, at first I thought it was a joke and turned the page. That photo must have stuck in my brain and after a moment I went back and looked at that photo.

Sure enough it's sliced peanut butter heard me SLICED PEANUT BUTTER wrapped in plastic like processed cheese slices YUKKKKKKKKKKk!!!

I guess I shouldn't pass judgment since I haven't tried this new fangled product yet.

The following from the company web site..........

When he came up with the idea for sliced peanut butter during an evening with friends, Stewart Kennedy knew he would have to find a way to make peanut butter "unsticky." Creating P.B. Slices™ took Kennedy, president of Kennedy Foods, more than four years, thousands of feet of plastic cling wrap and countless samples hanging from his kitchen cabinets. In the end, diligence paid off as P.B. Slices has become one of the hottest products on the market.

Mr Kennedy I truly respect your perseverance of your precious product but I don't understand why you would want to take away the joy of putting a spoon in a gooey jar of peanut butter pulling that spoon out and suck said peanut butter off that spoon.

What's next Mr Kennedy a spoon with the peanut butter on it already??? No don't tell me cause I'm not gonna buy it. But in case my readers here would like to know where to purchase your product I am the posting the link to your site. Also if your interested just Google P B slices.............I love Google.

Where to buy P.B Slices


Bee said...

I, personally, will stick with the spoon. But Gracie and Prissy would love this.

Moon said...

Watch for this to be featured at Big Lots next month!

Doodles said...

Ya know I did think about Big Lots featuring this product.........I used to feed my basset peanut was a scream!!!

maltese parakeet said...

and what does he do for the jam? fruit roll ups?