Monday, January 12, 2009

A day with the tourists

Now I know after typing that title it sounds a bit uppity but certainly not meant.

Mr Doodles and I are quite fortunate as a retired couple we can go to most touristy places during the week when most folks are working..............quite a luxury I tell ya.

Well Mr found a place that he would like to go visit and it seems to only be open on the weekends. Your drive five miles up a dirt gravel road at the end there was a bar, a working bar at the end.

The road up

Well we are not the only folks to have the idea to visit this place, The Desert Bar sure does remind me of a place in the Keys without the water surrounding it. After the Nellie E site I noticed their photos were much the same as mine but here's one they didn't have.Mr Doodles ya shoulda worn your shades dude!!!

This is a rocking chair made from old horseshoes.............I also sat in it and the rocker is quite comfortable.............surprisingly so.......maybe cause of my padding........ha!!!

a vintage rust bucket

and here we have the five mile road down to the Town of Parker

Decided since we were so close we would venture on over to Parker Dam................stay tuna'd cause Mr Doodles had a shout out from Homeland Security.


Bee said...

Homeland Security?! Oh, dear.

Nellie E sounds like a fun place, especially if you get to look at a sky like thst on the way down.

Moon said...

My favorite sign might be "no drinking in the parking lot" Was there a "check guns" sign, too?