Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your cure for the common crowd

That is the motto for this nearby town of Lake City, Colorado

Main Street
We drove the National Scenic hiway called The Silver Thread which starts at Blue Mesa Reservoir, (where we are located for the summer) traverses thru sagebrush country, and winds its way along the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, over two mountain passes, across the Continental Divide, and follows the Rio Grande River. It was a great day trip and fun to explore the area.

Looking out for bald eagles known to frequent this area. but never did see any. Lake City is a very well preserved town full of turn-of-the-century architecture. It's easy to see that once upon a time, this was a bustling and very prosperous place. The location is remote and beautiful. Lake City began as a mining camp in 1874.The town flourished in the 1880's with two banks, two breweries, seven saloons, and the first church and first newspaper on Colorado's Western Slope. Then the US Congress changed the rules and the silver boom ran out...............leave it to the government even way back then. Modern day Lake City is now a tourist town that relishes in it's history.

We stopped at a sweet little bistro for BBQ brisket samiches and an beverage. When we stopped it was quite cloudy as you can see by the photo of Main Street.
Later the clouds departed and we were able to go on a short hike along the river. What a beautiful day!!!

Oh see that white car in the above photo??? That's the loaner they gave us while Big Louie is being repaired.....hey they supplied us with gas so no complaints here. Stay tuna'd.............Big Louie should be out of the hospital soon.

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Moon said...

i love those clouds. makes for a more interesting photo.