Monday, June 02, 2008

Another passing

of some very favorite of which was Harvey Korman

How I wish I had a nickel for every minute that man made me laugh. His skits with Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show will always be in my favorite memory. Think I'll ask for the DVD for Christmas. Mr Korman you have provided the world with a ton a laughs and isn't that what we all need.

Another favorite would be Yves St Laurent........I know fashion dude huh!!! who could afford him. Well a bajillion years ago I happened to be in Paris and wandered into a boutique shop then happened to purchased a dress with a YSL logo. Who knew!!! I can see myself standing in that shop still this very day trying to decided whether I should or shouldn't I buy this dress. Well I did and it was before YSL ever became the famous designer that he turned out to be WOW!!! If I remember correctly it was Chanel that gave him his chance in the design world. His design label also was called Rive Gauche, I just thought that sounded like too cool at the time. Wish I still had that dress cause it was a lot of his clothes. Thanks YSL you have left your mark on the world

Last but not least...........Bo Didley DANG!!!!!!! I did laundry to his tunes this morning. I'm a bif Bo Didley fan, we went to his place in Memphis when we were there. It happened to be at a time when Mr Bo wasn't feeling that great and the place had a big card that you could sign and send good wishes for him to get well. Mr Bo Didley you will be deeply missed thanks for all your music you have provided the world.

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Bee said...

I especially loved Tim Conway and Harvey Korman when they lost it and laughed. That was so much fun to watch. I didn't know he died. You're right. It's certainly a loss. And I remeber Rive Gauche and the hard time I had trying to pronounce it. (That was before I became the cultured girl that I am now.) I liked the stripes. Didn't he have some blue stripes as a logo?