Sunday, June 22, 2008

this is getting very difficult

I remember when my parents and the older generation spoke of friends that passed away and they would say "oh my he/she went way too early", or "it's not right that a parent must bury their child". I, as a young child, never understood those words. I also remember Mr Doodles parents saying " our friends are all dying". Gads I remember those words being so harsh.

Well it's happening to us also. I recently wrote about the passing of Tim Russert. I feel like I lost a friend, maybe y'all did too. I have mentioned others in my blog that I will miss terribly, famous people, but will miss because of their accomplishments in life.

Yesterday the Drag Racing world lost another driver Scott Kalitta. We have known Scott since he was a very young teenager. We have seen him grow up in this tough world of racing. He drove for his Dad, the infamous Connie Kalitta. Scott moved in and out of the racing world many times. But as many have said he just has it in his blood and couldn't stay away. We weren't close to the Kalitta's like we are to other folks in the NHRA world but we have been in their company many times for dinners and a few adult beverages.

It's a sad loss for the Kalitta's, but terribly sad for a Father to loose his son. Scott will be missed in the NHRA community.

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Moon said...

We heard that news yesterday, quite sad.