Friday, June 27, 2008

fuel prices

are certainly not affecting the business here at this RV park we are staying for the summer.

The place is hopping and keeping us all on our toes. Many long time guests keep coming back year after year. But then the folks that were going to travel the country in their RV are now rethinking that and coming to an area near their home. Gunnison, Colorado is a destination for fisherfolks, lotsa hiking and walking trails coupled with events many, many upcoming events, like the Cattleman's Rodeo, Wildflower Festival, Quilt Show, Art's and Craft's Festival just to name a few. Oh and the weekly Farmer's Market starts this Saturday..........that I am really excited about.

Being that we have the weekends off, how the heck did we get so lucky, we will be able to attend many of these events if not all of them. Mr Doodles is really excited bout the rodeo cause he just loves to take photos of the cowboys and cowgirls.

So get ready for some pics of bulls and horsies, wildflowers and some food I'll find at the farmers market I'm gonna cook up for our PBE food blog...........stay tuna'd.

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