Monday, June 16, 2008

Still crisp mornings

A few days ago we woke to frosty ground....a lite frost was spread on everything. I went outside to see really how cold it was and noticed frost encased the dandelions. This is what farmers do when they know a frost might come. Turn the water on to save the crops. It does help......cause when the sun came out melted the ice the dandelion was brite yellow, a little limp but alive none the less. Just waiting now for the lawnmower dude to run them over.

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Moon said...

Do I know the lawnmower dude?

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Cool pictures! You are really good with that camera, lady!

Sounds like you are enjoying your stay. If you get a chance and haven't already done so, get over to Durango and ride the train to Silverton. Spectacular!