Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All quiet here

literally........well except for the rain one morning, extremely cold and snowy another and this a.m. sunshine and drop dead gorgeous. So I'm off to town, twelve miles away, to run some minor errands and get my much needed haircut. Ya know that's the worst part about being in an area for long term. I have had some very strange haircuts, a couple a good ones but all in all I give them a three outta five. Oh well it's only hair and it will grow.

Glad I didn't post this.............cause the above much needed haircut and errands to town didn't happen. It seems that the Ford Motor Company has a problem with the fuel pump in the engine of their F450 trucks. I'm tooling down the hiway and lost all power in the truck. Thinking it could have been a vapor lock I got out and did what I was supposed to do.....nope didn't work. Engine turned over BUT fuel is not getting where it is supposed to. Call husband, his sweet boss comes to get me. I get back to the office call the Ford folks, they search for us in the system, "no I'm sorry we don't have you in our system". Excuse me I say don't make me hangup and call Edsel Ford Mam!!! "Oh well give me a phone number maybe that would help". "Oh yes here it is Mrs Doodles, I found it". Lady you are one lucky soul. Arranged for towing and as luck would have it a Ford dealer in the town. Stay tuna'd there is sure to be more drama where this is concerned............Oh and aren't ya glad I insisted on the extended warranty. Back to my regular post............carry on!!!

There is still remnants of snow on the surrounding mountain tops. One would think that would be gone by now what with some good sunshine. Yesterday was a day off so we bundled up literally and went fishing on the local lake. Notice I said fishing and not catching!!! The wind picked up changed our mind quite quickly. When fishing isn't fun and relaxing it ain't no fun atall. Went back home and fixed a big brunch and had a nap. What's not to like about that for a lazy Sunday.

Being that it is still Spring in this area, I know Summer is around the corner on the calendar, flowers are budding everywhere on property. I was surprised to know and see lilacs in bloom, had know idea there were lilacs here.
As you can see they are lovely. Also the owner of the property is a big fan of Iris and she has them planted all over the front of the office, big fat, fluffy Iris. Must get a photo of them.


Moon said...

I can almost smell the scent of these. Nothing makes me think of more of Indiana than these.

It might be the only good thing there.

KimIndy said...

It might be the only good thing there.

surely that wasn't a reference to Indiana ???? I'm here !!

and speaking of...been wondering where the heck you've been....little slow on the updates aren't you ? they must be working you hard at RVland ....sure sounds
like a gorgeous place though ! !