Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tighten that butt..............

Not often do I recommend a product of any kind but ya gotta see theses shoes. Yes I am recommending shoes.

This photo is of my new FitFlops and I love, love, love them. I know kimmy I had to get red. Are they not just the cutest summer fun shoes. Thongs and I haven't always gotten along cause of that dohickey between my toes but these seem to be just fine. They are comfortable, I know they look clunky but easy, easy to walk in and that's the idea the design is to help tighten your butt. Oh I can hear my sister now......."I don't think so!!!" I wore them all day yesterday, never tripped because of the clunky shoes. I'm a bit of a klutz so was a tad apprehensive........but nope did fine.

Product information

Get a workout while you walk!

FitFlops help tone and trim your legs!

Improve muscle activity, circulation, balance and posture

Good heavens I need a pedicure......but I do use my PedEgg often another product I highly recommend. Sister thinks it's a cheese grater.

I frequent a message board where the talk is just about everything. Fitflops came up a few weeks ago and it reminded me I had seen them on Amazon awhile back. I poo poo'd them until I heard other reviews. So off to Amazon I went. My luck in stock, correct size and shipped to me in two days. Google fitflops and see what you come up with, I purchased mine thru Amazon cause I get free shipping and was ordering other items as well.

OK I must now go find something that could tighten my abs and arms...........that would be exercise wouldn't it ; o {....dang!!!

edited to add I believe you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Moon said...

You've got to be kidding! Do they really work? I might even give them a try even though they have that between the toe thingy. Do they sell them in stores? Can I go try them on?

Doodles said...

Yes, yes and yes!!! I can honestly say I can feel a tightening in my upper thighs, I also posted in the blog that they do have them at Bed, Bath and Beyond I understand. Don't know what their stock would be and selection.