Monday, July 24, 2006

So how's your the weather...........???

I know it's hot everywhere. I feel for all you folks that are steaming and have nary an A/C in site. Sorry bout that. Sister moon said you could reach out and touch the air. And they said this wasn't gonna last HAHAHAHA..........

Well let me tell you I have been putting up with 92 - 94 with 101% humidity for some 20 + years. And where were y'all when we have been melting here in the good olde "blue tarp state"!!! See for us it's normal whatever normal might be.
I know we don't have to live here right?!! But since the real estate market went in the toilet there is nary a buyer to be seen. We are not the only ones hurt by this real estate market suicidal plunge, as it is sparadic acrossed the country. Why did Alan Greenspan have to retire now...........Ben Bernanke please call Mr Greenspan and ask him what to do - cause I'm not too sure about you.

I may have a plan..................stay tuna'd thermometer image from google images

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