Monday, July 03, 2006

Do flip-flops mean you’re not toeing the line?

Experts eta:who are these experts warn that popular sandal may damage career if worn at work.

Maybe,just maybe that if we all wore flip flops to work this may be a less stressful society.
Picture an attorney standing
in front of the jury giving her final argument for her high profile case and she is wearing those pointy foot killers. How can you concentrate and address the jury while your toes are screaming "please release me"! This attorney might just do a better job if she is wearing flip flops and her poor toes aren't getting in the way of her argument.

But then I am no longer in the workplace, so I have no business in sticking my nose or toes for that matter where they don't belong. And maybe the noise of all of those flip flops flapping up and down the hallways of Corporate America would be a bit too much to handle. Now if I wore them all the time I would have to invest in many, many band-aids for my toesies cause I have tender feets and flip flops give me blisters. But I must admit I wore sandals to work many a day when I knew I wouldn't get caught.

And what about the men of Corporate America, don't they want their little feets to escape and be free in flip flops? Stay tuna'd.................

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mooncrazy said...

I'm all for casual in the workplace except the medical field. I've seen people trip in flip-flops just walking. I don't want my doctor tripping as he walks toward me with a knife. Ok, so let's add butchers to this list, too. Butchers and medical professionals. Wait, what about seamstresses?