Sunday, July 16, 2006

Customer Service

As a business owner in my other life I must say I was and still am a fanatic on customer service. I would require our employees, no matter how busy they were, to acknowledge everyone that walks thru the door with a greeting of some kind "good morning" not an attack just a recognition. Now mind you a few would go un-noticed but not often. Some employees would grumble that it was silly, but to me it is/was very important and I made sure it was done.

I frequent the Marshall's in my town and have always had great customer service experience in that particular store. The manager Bev is terrific, as she knows how to display product and passes that on to her staff. Bev's staff is equally knowledgeable and helpful. So to say shopping in that Marshall's always is a pleasant experience.

I happened to be in there the other day and I overheard a conversation of the manager and what sounded like a district manager giving suggestions but most of all praising the store for product placement. Well I thought this is a good chance to tell someone how great this store really was. I had expressed my feelings to the manager before but telling a corporate person usually is well thought of. I did speak to the gentleman and he was genuinely pleased of my comments. He said something interesting though, that people are quick to call corporate when there happens to be a problem but rarely call when they are happy and satisfied. He said"when you call the store gets points and goes in their file". "Cool" I say give me the 800# please.

And I agree we do complain and are quick to criticize. I am going to make a habit of complimenting staff when necessary. If that means calling or emailing the company or the store then I will make a point to do that.....and I hope y'all with think about doing it as well.
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mooncrazy said...

Good idea! When we emphasize the negative I feel it makes us more negative and letting someone know they are doing good is good for your soul.

Cottage Kid said...

Good for you doodles! Keep up the positive attitude and thanks for passing it along. You are acting very Canadian!
Till next time...