Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday "Buddy" the cat......

So July 7th is my Buddy's birthday. And I say my Buddy because my sis has a dog born the very same year as our cat and his name is Buddy. And little did we know that each were getting a furbaby and naming them Buddy. Our Buddy was named after a the famous Budweiser because the poor baby got himself caught in and empty box of Bud and husband couldn't find him so when we did and noticed where he was husband said we shall call him "Buddy". what a crock huh?!

Well we really shoulda called him Buddy the evil one because he was......notice I said was. OK here is how we got Buddy the cat. A friend who is a veternarian happened to be outside in their front yard and a neighbor came running over, Dr, Dr there is a dog that has something in it's mouth and won't let go could you help me. Turned out it was a rotweiller and the something was a just born kitten. Dr Vet removed the kitten from the dogs mouth and realized that the dog had killed the other kittens and the momma......yikes!!! Well Dr Vet took the newborn baby kitten to his house and did all the things that a Dr Vet would do to help that poor baby survive.
Well a few days later Dr Vet and wife came to visit and Mrs Dr Vet had to show us what she had in her shirt pocket. OH MY GOD y'all know how cute babies. Well husband and I just melted. What a cutie he was. And this kitten thought that Mrs Dr Vet was his momma, she fed him with an eye dropper, washed him in the sink, the damn cat loves water to this day. She just did all the things that Mrs Dr Vet's do to keep little baby kittens alive.
Well it turned 4 weeks old and Mrs and I had a plan to convince husband we needed this kitten. They came to the house for dinner and brought the baby under the assumption that kitty couldn't be left alone............fooled husband, cause when they finally left that evening the kitten stayed. That was twelve years ago.
So let's jump ahead a few years................Buddy the cat has never been fond of people all that much. Actually I think back he liked the attention that people would give him and if they didn't he would BITE their ankles. Yep he bit the crap out of our next door neighbor once. See he wasn't paying attention to sweet Buddy so Buddy decided to get attention. When husband ran to get some paper towels to wipe up the wounds, husband asked "Jim you're not gonna arrest me are ya?" Neighbor Jim was a cop in Miami. No but I do have a new found respect for that damned cat!!!
So here we are a few years later the Budster is mellowing in his age a tad bit, at least we thought he had. Well it's time for his shots and unfortunately Dr. Vet moved away and Buddy is going to a new Vet................OH MY GOD!!! Husband transports the cat to the Vet's office and he a little hissy but not bad. Goes into the office and is called in for the check up with the Dr, husband takes him out of his carrier and the cat goes ballistic I mean crazy. Bit the shit outta husband, scared the Dr so band she left the room - what a chicken she is HUH?! The attendant helper person was a bit more brave and went to go get a muzzle, aaaaahhh not a good idea darlin. I wish I would have been there, well maybe not. Anyway, the chicken Dr Vet gave the helper assistant a pill to give the Busdter, a tranquilizer of sorts. God I wish I could seen this, husband put it in his mouth after several tries and after he thought he had calmed down, well the cat SPIT the pill acrossed the room. The assistant stood in amazement and started laughing hysterically............."that is a first!!!" "Oh swell" husband says and leaves the office and is told to get the pill down the cat first thing the next morning wait a few hours and bring him in cause by then he will be tranquill..hahahahahaha - NOT our Buddy. Well husband did as directed but Buddy was never completely sedated I think he was more exhausted. He got his shot and no one was injured in the process.

So Happy Birthday Buddy........guess what you have an appointment at the Vet next week!!! Dear god............................stay tuna'd

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mooncrazy said...

I've always loved that story. He looks quite menacing in that photo.