Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Tom and Ray: the NPR car talk dudes

These guys are pretty funny...... actually they are goofy. And a lot of the show is them ribbing each other cause they are brothers and they can do that. But Tom & Ray are very knowledgeable in the auto repair biz. They appear on my local NPR station at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. While I am spiffing up around the house and doing me chores I listen to NPR the Car Talk Guys But this call in nearly put me away - reading it does not do it justice cause it's one a those ya had to have been there. If you ever get a chance listen to them.......hey two brothers do on show on the radio ~ oh sister moon are ya listening.................stay tuna'd


Cottage Kid said...

Hi Doodles,
I have heard those guys and yes, they are very funny and knowledgable about cars.
Till next time...
Cottage Kid

Cottage Kid said...

No NPR in Canada but heard it in Fl. while spending 4mos(1mo.too long! I know husband and so did Doug.OK!OK! I've been Blogged! R U coming up for the reunion in Aug?
Cottage Kid

mooncrazy said...

I love these guys! I try not to miss them and darling husband always listens and most times, agrees with their diagnosis.