Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something new....................

The small town of Palisade, situated on the Western Slope, is in the heart of Colorado's wine country. Nearly a dozen area vineyards are producing small quantities of wines that are getting big attention. Each autumn, the town packs em in with its annual wine festival, where you can do everything from sampling the latest vintages to - yes, really - stomping grapes. ............now that sounds like fun.........I'll have to see if we are still here to attend.

But grapes weren't the first fruit to put the agricultural town on the map. Palisade's also famous for its peaches. The town celebrates a peach festival every year to mark the harvest from its 500,000 Elberta peach trees by more than 300 local growers. Other orchards have cherry and apricot trees. But we came for the peaches. Oh my I can hear Grandma Pruce telling me she is gonna make me a peachy pie.

I got me a bunch a peaches so I'm gonna try making a cobbler once it settles down here. I'll let y'all know when I post the recipe over on PBE.

I must also say the trip back from Palisades was quite stunning with the scenery changing around ever corner and an added bonus was to see a rather large herd of elk. Unfortunately not close enough for photos.

So stay tuna'd for my peach concoction..............we'll see how I do.

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