Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nom, Nom, Nom

We have a hedge of scraggly looking bushes to the side and rear of the spot where we have our RV parked. When spring came these bushes started to green, nice enough but now look at them.

This is a berry that is a cross between a raspberry and a boysenberry and let me say this they are scrumptious. Now I believe without checking with google, a boysenberry is a cross between a blackberry, a loganberry and I think a raspberry.

I did catch Mr Doodles while picking them he was picking three and eating two........bless his little heart. We have had them plain just popping them like candy, have had them with yogurt, made a smoothie with them. I could only wish my Momma was here to make a pie....................oh my word would Momma love these.

1 comment:

maltese parakeet said...

yum, those are gorgeous! that's what i call eating like a locavore!