Saturday, August 09, 2008

Salida, Colorado

Talk about vistas .....this area certainly has them. The Upper Arkansas River Valley is known for whitewater rafting, clean crisp air and flatlands dotted with cattle and horses.

The farmlands grows some of the very best cantaloupe you have ever eaten (how fitting for me to be in an area for great cantaloupe) and fresh corn the very best I have ever eaten.Cloud formations in the mountains are quite nice against the crisp blue skies.

OK Salida is not just about food............mountain climbing, wonderful winter sports of which I would never, ever participate and hot springs.

Mr Doodles had no intention of taking this scenic ride up Monarch Mountain.

Hot when I heard that certainly got my attention. Colorado has many hot springs around this beautiful state. But Salida is a state of the art aquatic center. We went into the center with the intention of bobbing around in the medicinal hot springs but being that it was Saturday and quite crowded we decided a later time might be better.

The Arkansas River runs thru this quaint mining town and does attract many
kyakers and rafters.


Bee said...

You are certainly hanging around in some pretty places there. The water is gorgeous! I hope you're going to try those hot springs later. I wish SC had hot springs!

Doodles said...

hot springs are on the agenda after Labor Day. And yes we are hanging around some pretty nice spots I think.

Moon said...

Those two mountains look like they might be dormant volcanoes like the ones we saw in Arizona. Clouds are spectacular.