Saturday, August 02, 2008

No I don't need that

Many of you know that Mr Doodles and I along with our cat Buddy live permanently in our RV. Now it's a lovely, somewhat spacious in terms of RV's.

One of the first things the Mr Doodles asked was keep the contents down OK. We have a weight issue. OK so I agreed to keep it to a minimum HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't mention the many wine bottles I had stashed in various spots. Many of which have been consumed.

So it's been a year plus a few months and I hate to say this but Mr Doodles was right, RV living is a completely different lifestyle. Casual, like why do I do that little black dress I have hanging in the closet? Where the heck am I ever gonna wear that? But yet it stays there cause I'm the type that says ya never know. Even Mr Doodles has some clothes hanging in the closet that he has never worn that I have put in the category of ya never know.

And much to my friend kimmy's chagrin I have quite a collection of Depression Glass. Not all of it in the RV but a few pieces.

We are lucky that I was able to unload a few storage boxes at sisters consisting of winter clothes mostly. So we'll buzz back by their house come fall and change out summer for winter. However that does depend on where we end up for the fall winter months. That is still up in the air with several options.

I guess that's the very best part of living in an RV........"where shall we go next"?

Stay tuna'd..............ya never know!!!


Moon said...

Yes, we are wondering, where next? I love telling folks my sister is gypsy.

Doodles said...

once a bohemian always a bohemian.......I wish I knew where.........maybe that's part of the fun of RV'in.

KimIndy said...

I could have helped you out with some of those wine bottles when you were here....then you'd have more room for your cherished glassware ;)