Monday, August 04, 2008

Rainbow Lake

A trip just a few miles down the road from us but some 4000 + feet in elevation higher than where we are right now.

Just off highway 50, Gunnison County, Southwest Colorado , we turn onto a gravel road that turns into dirt and gravel fairly soon. Travel on this one lane dusty, twisty road is about 15 miles and a little longer than an hour.

We had a lot of time as we were expecting company but not till mid day. Nice when your company brings their home with them.

A site to behold when we reached the top....................breathtaking views. And even a tad bit of snow yes the weather was a bit cooler at the top of the
mountain. There again I am missing having a wide angle lens's going on my wish list and I won't gripe about it anymore.....I promise.

The above photo is of the beautiful Aspen trees......this particular bunch is schedule for cutting in the next couple a years. They do this about every fifteen to twenty years. So we were figuring this particular group is probably near a hundred years old. I don't know if we will be here when the leaves start to turn but from what I hear Aspen's are just a gorgeous color. I think I would like to enlarge this photo.

On a lighter note.........look at the dirt on Mr Doodles truck.........

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ashpags said...

Beautiful! I hope you get to see the Aspens change, the colors are really stunning. =)