Monday, July 14, 2008

Toes are important

and I'm sure you are saying WTH is this female talking about.???
I'm a klutz let's face it, well some of y'all don't know that but I'm telling ya now I am a KLUTZ!!! Every summer, I mean no matter where I am, every dang summer I break a toe. One summer I broke two, one at the beginning and one at the end of the summer.
Well I did it AGAIN the other day. We decided to have a lazy day after three days of Rodeo'ing. I saw some flowers that I wanted to take some photo's of so I donned my good sandals, not my Fitflops and went off for a walk in the meadow. Weeeeeeeeeeelll a tree branch got in my way sorta, I went one way and my big foot went the other. I have never seen a big toe bend quite like that. The only good part about this is that I did this after I wore my cowboy boots. I coulda never, no never, ever been able to squeeze my broken toe into my boots. A boken big toe seems to be a tad more painful than the other times I have broken some smaller appendages. But this too shall pass and heal...............stay tuna'd summer ain't over yet!!!


Moon said...

I actually winced at that one, sistah. Ouch!

ashpags said...

Oh no! I hope that your toe heals quickly!!!

Bee said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry it hurts. Get Buddy to kiss it and make it better!