Friday, July 04, 2008

This is just common sense folks

Y'all know we got a BIG TRUCK to tow our RV right? And Louie, I call the truck, it is what I call a definite testosterone are drawn to this truck. Well Mr Doodles is constantly asked about our fuel mileage while towing, even before the prices skyrocketed.

Here's his answer........"If y'all drive below 65 mph you're gonna improve your mileage." Do ya know what their answer usually is "Oh my I don't know if I wanna do that". We see ALL the time RV's whipping by at probably 70 - 80 mph while we are scooting down the road.

Now listen to this OK..........we get, because we watch our speed, an average of 14 miles per gallon in this Big A** truck and yes we use diesel $$$ fuel. Of course this is on flat hiways not while climbing thru mountains. When Mr Doodles tells people this they look at him with quite a skeptical eye and to be honest I don't know if they believe him.

So do we honestly need the government to tell us to slow down?..........come on!!! Some of us old enough know the speed limit has been adjusted years ago during a similar situation of fuel shortage.

Slow down people it just may mean an extra penny or two in your pocket.

Plus you can read my seester's blog for lot's of ideas for saving fuel...........her Tuesdays with Moon is great!!!

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