Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gone fishing...........

this is a photo of a rainbow trout..........NOT the two rainbow trout I caught in the Gunnison River but a beauty none the less. We got up early Sunday morning with rods a ready, lotsa lures, snacks and drinks. What a spectacular day!!! I have only fished in salt water. Being married to a boat Captain and having lived in the Florida Keys we did a lot of fishing. And my sweet Captain husband always told me I had an excellent feel for fishing.....how sweet is that.

We started our day on the lake, Blue Mesa, and had zip luck. We had noticed a
spot we both thought would be good which was where the Gunnison River flows into Blue Mesa Lake. Called Copper Creek..........pretty, very pretty setting. Look at that photo who could resist just sitting on the bank was enough for me.

We had a bite to eat and decided to put our poles in the river.
Sweet Captain Doodles could hear me holler a mile away........"hurry come quick, ya gotta see this!!! ". I caught my first Rainbow...........I was so excited - we didn't get a snap. Didn't keep the baby either, wasn't all that big and wanted it to grow up to be a big boy. Spent another hour or so casting I got another catch and put him back too. I am sorry to say Captain Doodles never got a hookup ..........but he will another day...........cause he's a lot better than I am................ trust me.


Moon said...

Good grief! I never knew why they called them rainbow until I saw the photo. Duh!

Catching is more fun than eating? I'm sure Buddy Cat might disagree.

What a beautiful river bank. What's the temp?

Doodles said...

84* and NO HUMIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy the cat only likes those Key Largo icky Jacks.....yuck!!!

Catchin is fun I'll tell ya ;)