Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good thoughts..please

for our sweet cat Buddy.............he has had some health issues lately along with some probing tests. He is not quite himself and also not eating like he should. Have y'all ever tried to give medicine to a cat, now complicate that by giving it to Buddy......he is not the most cooperative patient.

So stay tuna'd and keep Buddy, Mr Doodles and myself in your prayers for the time being.


Moon said...

I love that one white whisker. He is in our thoughts.

ashpags said...


Bee said...

Y'all are in mine. I sure hope they can figure out his problem and fix it. Poor Buddy. Give his head a little scratch for me.

We have a cat that's so bad about taking medicine, the vet taught me to give him shots. Somebody would hold him and cuddle with him and I would sneak up behind, pinch up his neck and pop in in there.

KimIndy said...

prayers for Buddy and his peoples medicine to a dog is easy ...coat it with peanut butter and stick it to the roof of their mouth ....does that work with cats ????