Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes I got a shower

Don't want ya to miss out on all the fun we are having. So we wake up yesterday, Sunday wouldn't ya know, and I go to do up the dishes from a lovely brunch I had prepared and I say "Oh Mr Doodles guess what, we have no hot water". I hear this grumble, grumble. Guess those were not the words he was hoping for on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Now many of ya know how handy this man of mine is. He gets out all the manuals and reading stuff you must go thru before finding the danged screwdriver and lifting the lid to see what's going on here folks. Oh I shoulda just got in the truck and went shopping but noooooooo I had to stick around and see the outcome.

I am also quite happy with myself that I keep good records and a neat file system for Mr Doodles to find exactly what he is looking for. This is the same man that opens the fridge and says "where's the butter?" I digress a bit sorry. I am able to put my hands on everything that was needed, well with the exception of a guy to come out right then and there to repair the dern thing.

When we purchased our RV, Grace as I affectionately refer to her as, we purchased a roadside assistance policy, actually they gave it to us when we purchased our sweet thing. So you call this number and a technician calls you right back, walks you thru all the steps that may help repair the problem. That's nice but hell it didn't help us one bit. My I sound crabby.......well I have a sink full of dirty dishes and haven't had a shower. Cause we needed a service guy to fix it and it's SUNDAY!!!

Ya know I think about all the older, even older than us, folks that have these big RV's and coudn't find a screw driver or much else how the heck do they manage. Oh well I guess they must cause there is a large amount of those very same folks on the road..........Lordy help us!!!

Back to the water heater that isn't working. We are lucky, HAR!!!, that we are in an area where there are several RV dealers to work on all of us RV'ers. And three of them service our manufactured model.

Now it's Monday morning and we must hook-up and drive to said RV fix-it place. Yes I called ahead to see if they could fit us in on such a short notice and oh by the way this is warranty work. Bless their little hearts they say "oh yes mam we will swueeze you in as soon as you get here". Okey dokey we will be there shortly. I turn to Mr Doodles and say this I do not believe.

Well folks believe it!!! They got us in ASAP fixed the dern thing and off we went before the traffic got bad on the freeway. I was and still am amazed.

So thank you Beaudry RV Service Center in Tucson, AZ you have made Mr Doodles and me a very happy customer. We have hot water and back up for when it should ever happen again. And also happy not to have to pay since it was warranty work.


ashpags said...

Hooray for good customer service! Sometimes it seems so rare these days. I'm glad y'all had a good experience. =)

Cottage Kid said...

You and your dished will be smellin
like roses again!