Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dog Park Buddies

I'm sure y'all know by now my sweet sister and her sweetest have a wonderful dog by the name of Buddy.

Every once in awhile Buddy has his Masters take him to a favorite spot the dog
park. I had never had the pleasure of going along for the ride. But this last trip Buddy included me and I got to see what all he was raving about.

It's about 15 minutes away and the closer we get to the Park old Buddy knows just by the turn and corners. My he does enjoy the adventure and can hardly wait to get out of the car to get his leash and go see his Dog Park friends. And many friends he has.

Buddy and two new friends
This young lady was always smiling

Nice to meet ya! Come here often?

This is just a wonderful park. Divided into two sections, one for the under thirty smaller dogs, which Buddy is, and the other side is for those larger animals. You go thru two gates as a security process and then off they go running helter skelter to meet old friends and then of course there is always new friends to hook up with. This place is huge and you would never think there were that many dogs in there. Sometimes they get to running like a freight train. It is very enjoyable to see these animals enjoying themselves. And ya know there is rarely ever a problem.

Take a look at some of these photos and see the smiles on these sweet pups

This little fella is just too cute and well dressed.

These boys are jumping for joy!

And thanks Buddy for inviting me on your adventure...................I really enjoyed myself.

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