Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A hike with a few animals to visit.....

Took off early the other day, well early for us, and went on a ten mile hike and then on the way back stopped at the Tucson Zoo. Not the showiest Zoo, but quite sweet with just a few animals. I spotted the tiger cage the minute we walked in, BUT resident tiger was napping. Dang no pictures of tiger. As we were making our loop around the park I heard someone say "the tiger is up and walking". Hmmmmm let's hope the guy is still behind bars. Off I go and look there he is. Bars get in the way of the photo but in a good way don't cha think?!?!!! Such a pretty boy......he was pacing quite a lot and scared the beeeejeeezus outta me when I first walked up and this bad boy jumped up on the cage. Mr Doodles said "he likes you". Let's see if I can find some pics Mr Doodles took. Think he's practicing up for our photo adventure trip to Alaska.
I'm quite fond of giraffe's. One of my all time favorite photo's I have ever taken was of a giraffe at the Washing DC Zoo many years ago.

Llama's are just comical aren't they?

And Zebra's are strickingly beautiful.

But these big guys are King of the Zoo. This old boy was waiting for his sweetie to wake up from her afternoon nap. And I think he was getting a bit impatient cause the growl could be heard all over the zoo.

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Great photos!
I haven't been to the zoo in years.
Maybe it's time.